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Cape Roof Trusses

Cape Roof provides traditional cost effective gangnail trusses but also specialise in architectural designed bolted exposed trusses. Trusses are installed in accordance with engineering standards and an A19 engineer certificate is issued.
Bolted raised trusses painted white
Bolted raised trusses & Isoboard ceiling
Bolted raised double tie-beam trusses
Bolted chapel trusses stained
Commercial multi storey building
Exposed Ridge Beam and Rafters with T&G Ceiling
Gangnail exposed trusses with Isoboard
Flat roof rafters and ceiling boards
Girder trusses with ridge beam and rafters in between
High volume ridge beam and rafters
High volume scissor trusses
Hip and valley roof
Open roof with loft space
Ridge beam and concealed fix rafters
Ridge beam and two ply rafters with ceiling boards
Vaulted roof with mock rafters
Big Span Trusses Lifted and Postioned with Crane
Carpenters Installing Trusses at Residential Property
Exposed Ridge Beam and Rafters with T&G Ceiling
Gangnail Trusses with Large Span
Housing Projects Trusses and Pergolas
Lifting Trusses with Crane to Multi Storey Building
Positioning Large Trusses with Crane
Residential Gangnail Trusses
Ridge Beam and Rafters with T&G Ceiling
Scissor Trusses
Special Attention to Levels and Lines
Pinned rafters
Specialized Trusses with Bracket Detail
Specialised Trusses
Trained Carpenters Working at Heights