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Cape Roof is a specialist roofing contractor with twenty years' experience. The company specialise in a Total Roofing Package and the Supply and Installation of premium roofing products to the Residential and Commercial sectors. Products include Sheeting, Tiles, Timber Trusses, Insulation, Waterproofing, Soffits, Re-roofing, and Asbestos removal. At Cape Roof you have access to the latest technology and modern products at cost-effective prices.

The unique concept of a Total Roofing Package differentiates Cape Roof from the rest. Whether a homeowner or a construction company, all roofing materials are obtained from a single trustworthy company with an all-inclusive guarantee.

At Cape Roof we understand that roofing is one of the most cost intensive elements of your project and therefore our commitment to give it the professional attention it deserves.

We operate in Cape Town, Winelands, Overberg, and West coast.

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