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Cape Roof Re-Roofing & Asbestos

Cape Roof professionally replace deteriorated roofs, including certified Asbestos removal. Re-roofing is a costly and sensitive process for any client. Therefore, the roof is thoroughly assessed, and the client is professionally advised on product and procedure. Re-roofing requires fast and responsible operations with minimum inconvenience to the client. Depending on the required procedure, the client does not have to vacate the building.

Re-roofing is also an opportunity to improve the total aesthetics of your property and to upgrade thermal insulation. We do residential re-roofing and industrial projects, regardless of size and height.

Thermal insulation is essential for comfort and energy savings. Typical products are Reflective foils, Alububble, Glass-wool insulating blankets, Isoboard and Lambdaboard. Cape Roof will advise you to select a suitable product.

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Certified Asbestos Removal